Recreating a Restaurant (Capofitto) Meal At Home: Arancini & Pizza With Prosciutto

Although Tobey and I enjoy cooking, we REALLY enjoy eating.  When we eat a yummy restaurant meal, we sometimes set ourselves up with the challenge of re-creating it at home.  We tried this successfully with Bubble Tea (Making Bubble Tea) and this week, we tried it with a favorite meal from Philly’s Capofitto.

We started with the arancini – which required pre-planning, since we had to let the risotto sit overnight (not a sacrifice, since we got to have risotto for dinner the first night and arancini the next day). Easy ingredients – just rice, chicken broth, onions and Parmesan cheese).


The following day, we shaped the balls, rolled them in breadcrumbs (we used panko, but will use a finer crumb next time) and deep fried them for 2 minutes (thanks to our friend, Bill, for his loan of the deep fryer).  Not as dense or crispy as the original, but not bad for our first attempt (our first attempt at deep frying also!).


We knew the pizza wouldn’t be as good as the Capofitto original (since we cheated with a premade crust), but the homemade tomato sauce, CSA arugula and grocery store prosciutto and Parmesan worked together to make a very tasty pizza.  Easy enough that we have re-created it several times since.IMG_20170610_182740

One thought on “Recreating a Restaurant (Capofitto) Meal At Home: Arancini & Pizza With Prosciutto

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