Hamilton And Hammocks


Portrait of Alexander Hamilton hanging in the Portrait Gallery, Independence National Park

Alexander Hamilton – everyone’s favorite revolutionary singing sensation had deep connections with Philadelphia. Many of the events in the musical actually took place in Philadelphia (including the nation’s first sex scandal, his conflicts with Madison & Jefferson over the establishment of a national bank and his term as Secretary of the Treasury).  Thursday’s adventure was taking a walking tour linking songs from the musical to the historic sites where they occurred.

The app. is available to download for $4.99 (www.philly.com/philly/news/In-Philadelphia-a-walking-tour-for-the-unsung-sites-of-Hamilton.html). Twenty percent of net proceeds will be donated to the Friends of Independence National Park in support of their efforts to reopen the First National Bank to the public.


The First National Bank – Championed by Hamilton and located across the street from his Treasury Department office.

After learning all things Hamilton, Tobey and I checked out the Spruce Street Harbor Park.  Located right on the Delaware River, the park has hammocks, floating gardens, beautiful lights, and Philly food vendors. We enjoyed a picnic and a nap in our hammock (see the post “Gourmet Picnic Supplies”).




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