When the weather is nice, we love to get picnic supplies from Di Bruno’s.  Although it’s pricey, picnic-size quantities generally only add up to price of a restaurant lunch. What makes it great is the service and selection.  Our first stop is always the cheese counter, where we request 2 cheeses that are unique or seasonal.  The staff is always happy to make suggestions and provide samples.  This week’s choices were Rameker Gouda, a Dutch Gouda with an edible, butter washed rind, and Membrillo Albala, an aged sheep’s milk cheese from Spain.  We complimented with a slice of quince paste and 2 sourdough rolls.  At the salami counter we requested “something spicy” and got 1/4 lb of thinly sliced Saucisson Basque, a French salami with lots of red pepper.  We took our supplies on a long walk and enjoyed them in a hammock at Spruce Street Harbor Park:


Other beautiful picnic spots in the city include the Azalea Gardens by the Art Museum

and the Japanese House in Fairmount Park, especially in the spring when the cherry trees are blooming: