WILD At The Philadelphia Museum Of Art

wildTobey really only likes museums if there is something to DO.  The new Wild exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (through 9/17/17) was a hit with both of us.  There is the main exhibit with its incredible photographs (Tobey’s favorite):


My favorite:


Plus, a kid-friendly audio-guide and a video, showing the backstory of several shots.  There is also a scavenger hunt for another 11 photographs located throughout the museum – the challenge is to find the relationship between the photos and artworks they are displayed with:


Hint: both show hunters/hunting equipment

AND, Splash Studio is located right next to the exhibit, where kids (and grown-ups) can create their own Wild inspired artwork.


Tobey & Kathy’s jungle masterpiece

Wild and Splash Studio are free with museum admission.

Today’s lunch:


A cheese steak, burger and fries from the museum’s food truck, A-Burger.  Great view and plenty of entertainment watching folks do their Rocky thing.


http://philamuseum.org/exhibitions/856.html (through 9/17/17)

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