# 1 on National Geographic’s “Top Ten Places to Eat Ice Cream in the World:”



“Made with the freshest ingredients (such as milk from Amish grass-fed cows), the artisan gelatos and sorbettos handcrafted each day at Capogiro include flavors not seen anywhere else—Madagascar bourbon vanilla, melograno (pomegranate), nocciola Piemonte (hazelnut), Saigon cinnamon, Thai coconut milk (with a dash of rum), and zucca (long-neck pumpkin).”

Family favorites include: cioccolato scuro (dark chocolate), dulce de leche (sweet cream with caramel swirl) and stracciatella (Italian chocolate chip).  The fun is picking 2 complimentary flavors to mix (in the small cup).

The difference between gelato and ice cream? The ingredients are similar, but because gelato uses more milk and less cream and fewer or no egg yolks it is much lower in fat.  Additionally, gelato is churned at a much slower rate, incorporating less air and creating a creamier texture.

5 locations in Philadelphia. https://capogirogelato.com